• In our trend analysis, we examined 314 IPOs: 56 IPOs that priced in 2016, 74 IPOs that priced in 2015, 86 IPOs that priced in 2014 and 98 IPOs that priced in 2013.
  • This trend analysis uses the same methodology as our overall study, except that for comparability purposes we excluded 10 FPIs and one MLP (that is not also an FPI) in 2016, 12 FPIs and four MLPs (that are not also FPIs) in 2015 and 19 FPIs and 14 MLPs (that are not also FPIs) in 2014 because we did not review FPIs and MLPs in 2013. However, there is an FPI trend analysis at the end of the FPI appendix.
  • For sector trend analysis, we do not present E&P IPOs as a separate sector because of the small population after excluding MLPs and FPIs.



*Deal value excludes exercise of the over-allotment option.

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